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Thank you so much for all your faves and comments! :heart:
And welcome to my new watchers! :la:

Head over to OurDreamsWillCome where the monthly theme is warm drinks!^^


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Andorada has started a donation pool!
1,492 / 2,000

I use all the donated points for promoting other artists and I am always happy when I have the chance to do it!
Thank you!

Smileys Kisses by LOVEMAYU

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Wings Of Music   Stock By Mariaamanda by Andorada
Mysterious by Andorada
Thor by Andorada, drawing with the eraser by Andorada  ~ digital&traditional(pencils) art 

Who are Angels without Wings?

They are those fellow deviants:

yellow heart bullet  who more or less regularly feature other deviants
yellow heart bullet who always willingly give tips, hints, helpful comments
yellow heart bullet who answer at least a fair amount of the comments they get
yellow heart bullet who give kind and or uplifting words where they see its needed
yellow heart bullet who feature and pimp projects and deviants who need support/help
yellow heart bullet  who take the time to suggest DD's on a more or less regular basis
yellow heart bullet who take the time to suggest seniority every now and then
yellow heart bullet who give fair and helpful critiques (whether official or not)
yellow heart bullet or whatever else helpful, kind, supportive they might do
You can read all about it HERE 

yellow heart bullet yellow heart bullet yellow heart bullet 

At the beginning of each month 4 deviants will be awarded with a pair of wings and get
featured by TheGalleryOfEve and her Gangstas of love (in alphabetical order):

Wanted: New Gangstas of Love!

If you'd like to spread the joy of featuring new Angels Without Wings apply now! It’s a simple task that you need to do once every month.
Journal content is given to you, complete. Just choose 3 deviations from each of the new Angels galleries to add to the journal,
upload it to your own account, and notify the new Angels of their feature. Simply note our group :iconangels-and-gangstas: to apply.

yellow heart bullet yellow heart bullet yellow heart bullet  

Now without further delay on to the 4 brand new angels:

:iconsomeconfettiplz: congrats everyone :iconsomeconfettiplz:
:iconwingsplz: it’s a delight to award you with the wings you so deserve :iconwingsplz:
Please do remember to leave comments for each of our dear Gangstas who feature you in their individual journals.
And, you can now display the AWW stamp on your frontpage, in your journals or ID Love

Angel without Wings Award by Nameda

:iconstygma: suggested by The Angels-And-Gangstas Team

Styggy is one of the sweetest, kindest people around here!!! She’s always ready to help anyone with whatever people might need!!!
It has been a privilege to many of us, having the chance to have met someone so amazing like our beloved Stiggy!!! Her level of commitment to the groups she admins is absolutely inspiring; she puts 100% of herself in everything she does, and when someone is that way, quickly becomes unforgettable and admired at many levels!!!” … “She’s also our favorite cookie queen on DA; someone who deserves a gorgeous set of wings, even though she’s already an angel without them!!! It is an honor, a great pride for us to bestow our sweet dear Styggy with these wings!!! Congratulations dear friend!!!”

Tolerance Event Part 1 by StygmaLasher by Stygma
Lost Treasure Art 3 - It looked like a shortcut by StygmaThe Lost Treasure: Getting Ready by Stygma 

Angel without Wings Award by Nameda

:iconpearwood: suggested by davincipoppalag

“Steve is a pillar in the community, doing regular features of other artists, sharing the creations of artists who are not as known as him with his watchers and friends. He’s very active on his groups, regularly sponsoring weekly challenge contests, and he’s a very supportive good fella” … “He gives lots of very constructive comments and advice, which is absolutely valuable to fellow artists” … “Overall an amazing part of the DA world, someone you can count on as an active watcher and friend, above everything, FRIEND!!! Congratulations dear Steve on your new wings!!!”

2016-318 Robert and the birthday cake by pearwood2016-315 Sometimes the rat wins by pearwood
2016-313 From our bedroom window 1 by pearwood2016-302 Getting ready by pearwood

Angel without Wings Award by Nameda

:iconjesseboy000: suggested by Yuukon

“Jesse has several features running, his ‘neat street’ and his ‘delectable deviations’ in which he exposes a lot of awesome artists every week. He works hard to shine some extra light on street photography. Jesse is a friendly person and is always encouraging people with is lovely comments” … “With his ‘On The Other Side’ collaboration with another deviant, he goes out of his way to write amazing meaningful comments on selected deviations, which is a pretty inspiring practice, something he does, despite of having a busy life schedule!!! It is with pride that we give Jesse these wings, congratulations!!!”

bouquet of leaves by jesseboy000Smoke and Jazz (Leica 126) by jesseboy000
Leica 91 by jesseboy000Night Wander (Leica 115) by jesseboy000

Angel without Wings Award by Nameda

:iconcrgphotography: suggested by PaMonk and Sublime-Feline

“Casey is very active in the community He always promotes positive features and answers all comments. He is an upstanding deviant and ready to help anytime someone needs help.” … “He’s very friendly and warm; someone who shares a lot of love around DA!” … “He has a very good heart; always with a kind thing to say to everyone, he’s someone who knows how to nurture the community around him!!! For this reason today we happily give Casey the AWW wings!!! Congratulations!!!”

What Could Be by CRGPhotographyLost in a Dream by CRGPhotography
Life Has Twists and Turns by CRGPhotographyIf Only...If Only by CRGPhotography

yellow heart bullet yellow heart bullet yellow heart bullet  

Nominations for new Angels Without Wings 
If you know any deserving deviants who meet the criteria at the top of this journal, please tell us! We are always looking for new Angels to award.

Simply Note our group :iconangels-and-gangstas: with ‘AWW Suggestion’ as the subject, along with at least 5 sentences telling us why the deviant deserves to earn their Wings. Please, one suggestion per Note only!
Please check to make sure your suggested nominee was not awarded already, you can find the list of Awarded Angels HERE 

If you do suggest, please have a look to make sure the nominees good deeds are visible for everyone visiting their pages!! Everyone needs to clearly see why the person deserves their Award.And please write at least 5 sentences why you suggest this deviant :D (Big Grin)

yellow heart bullet yellow heart bullet yellow heart bullet  

This is a repost of Eve's journal: Angels Without Wings - 2016 November

Congratulation everyone! :clap: Well deserved! :heart:

This is the first contest hosted by
And here are the participants!
Congratulations, everyone! :clap:

Space Port Alari 7 by VelaniArt
The magic key by MoAChuuuttt
Heart of the Woods by MonochromaticART
The window to neverland by RavienneArt
Secret place by annemaria48
Butterfly by annemaria48
Echoes of the Mind by StarfireArizona
Desolate by VertigoEBC
Salvation by jiajenn
Surreal Aquarium by petrasrenata
Decorating my sky by CharllieeArts
Dancing the Dream.. by Secretadmires
Colors of Autumn 2016 by nudagimo
Storm the summer by 4LadyLilian
Rite by FoxyM8
Desert Door by jiajenn
Skylight by MANDEEx88
Portals by destroyer971
Looking at the night sky by nishagandhi
Wayward Night by Mettamorphosize
Everlasting Love by SuicideOmen
Self Portrait by lumpi69
X-ray day by RenatoSs
Trapped by KarmaRae
Fear containted within by TikeoDragonHades Gate by Julianez
trick or treat? by puppet-soul
end of the life Photoshop Manipulation by suprhero08
Only butterflies can by SlichoArt
Broken Dream by Olgola
The night is coming by annemaria48
the magical frame by ZedLord-Art
The magic picture by Mvicen
The Another Dimension by adrianoampb
Time To Think by vimark
Haunting Portrait by TheDreamBelow
The butterfly effect by danieloooo
Envoy by vimark
Shark by annemaria48
The World is Not Enough by SlytherclawPadawan
Welcome in the Fairyland by mrscats
Lost in the jungle by jiajennOnce in a Dream by SilentPlea
Out of Frame by Can-Cat
Hiver Perdu by Fairling
Envoy by vimark
Temptation by destroyer971
Freedom by mimzys
Lady Blue by amethystmstock
Dia de los Muertos by VanessaPadua
Le chemin du temps perdu by Aramisdream
Pain by Lora-Vysotskaya
Prayer by jiajenn
Eternity by TatianaSSabino
Snow White by silviya
Favorite red shoes by Poglazovs
Both sides by angiezinha
Mirror on the wall by Mandelblute
Coming back by annemaria48
Escape To Another World by MLArtistry
In Storage by Can-Cat
The dark woman by annemaria48
The Rabbit Hole by Cold-Tommy-Gin
In the corridors of deviantart by Mandelblute
Out of frame by RenatoSs

So many interesting entries!

Update: And the winners are...

presented here: Use my stock Contest #1 - Winners

Thank you to everyone contributing to our last open feature: The

30 Days Challenge Impressions ++

Miyeong Venelebat  UszatyArbuz xXRed-RabidXx Sayuui  Ahau2 lucytherescuedcat  SomberOrangeDreams CharlottaRose RebelRacoons LualaDy  MentalCinephile  

 is hosting again another training session, for all media.
I warmly recommend it, as it helped me very much during a past edition:

And here is the continuation to our Open Feature Invitation - Introspection

What is Introspection? A method used by all cultures and religions over time, presented here in a scientific manner:

no title by M0THart

Sunken - Wallpaper by CristianaLeone
Introspection by cameraguyyIntrospection by scarlo1788
Introspection by MonitoredApathyIntrospection by Talkingdrum
Introspection by Timberfleet
Introspection by leashullSelf Introspection by PratikshaS
Introspection by natiqIntrospection by lucismundis
Introspection by airlyIntrospection by 13thMuse
Introspection by ArtemaIntrospection by amiejo
introspection by CozyComfyCouchIntrospection by cable9tuba
.:Introspection II:. by Evility
Introspection By Alical-d7ppnyk by alicalIntrospection by dszs5298
Introspection by introvert13
Jade by wlopIntrospection by L-Art-chitecte
Introspection by SpyhopGL
Introspection by kaymanismIntrospection by ifindshelter
Introspection by Mirrorlily
In my spirit by KatZaphireGeralt Meditating by Noonapop-MrX-Cosplay
Meditation by Ekaterina-Mekachima
Co-Introspection by SekoiyaStorytellerIntroversion by MattDixon
lotte by chocuu
P - Canary Meditates by KaibuzettaAzura by Axsens
Introspection by Blue-Fayt
Inner Angel by GeneRazART
Introspection by mouvementIntrospection by Sykeye
introspection by Laratff
THE AWAKENING by Tigles1ArtistryCosta da Caparica by MentalCinephile
golden days by dS1GN
Quiet by wlop. by MWeiss-Art
Silent bond by YoshaPhotography
Arrived by I-Got-Shot
Introspection. III by nevermadeIntrospection. by nevermade
Lone Wolf by iyandejesus
Cafe Keats by Muirin007
Introspection by Seraphina-Song
Erik's Sonata by Muirin007
introspection by IrinaJoanneintrospect by believe-hope
Introspection by ivankorsario
Introspection by giladIntrospective Kaidan by ladywinde
Introspection by BeckyStonehousePearl by MichaelMagin
Introspection by RogueMarine
Introspection by bluemangoimagesIntrospection by yesternights
 Electric Introspection by offshore
Introspection by foolhoundKaleidoscope by etheraiel
Introspection by e-soulu

intrOspect by tonare
Trapped in the PresenT by MRBee30
Individual Being And The Cosmos Merge Together by CpointSpointNostalgie by Amaterasu1960
the dreaming by Ahau2I Trust In You by lemgras330
All of Me by XRlSMarilyn by sullen-skrewt
Introspection by BenHeine
Mirror of the soul by MartithSilence by GUWEIZ
Broken soul by BlackSheep90Source by Rowye

Thank you to all the contributors: 
purple-kyuuna lucytherescuedcat Cat-Mist Ahau2 UszatyArbuz Amontheblack25000 Rowye 

The next Open Feature's theme: Shading

Show us interesting artworks/tutorials with this theme :la:
(however you choose to interpret it^^)

The prompt for this week is Introspection.
Show us inspiring works with this theme!


Last week's feature was inviting you all to post a favorite personal piece, and show us other artists to whom you feel connected,
either through their artworks or through their activity.
And here is our collection! Thank you for your participation! Swingin' On a Star 

Glacial Autumn by Doringota
Steal by OffBeatReBoot
Inktober Day 28 by Sieskja
Springe - Wolf 02 by Shitani
Break Through by Nelleke
Untitled by Siobhan90
Exploring by shalizeh
THE SHEPARD: Canto 4 ~ The Towers of Feros by CharlottaRoseAurelion Sol by Nicolasaviori
Save the Rachi by CorashepardGABRIEL - by DanLuVisiArt
When She Sings, Time Stops to Listen by MentalCinephile
autumn path by Thunderi
Forest Glade by RebelRacoons
Candy and Terry - Final Story by AtsukiSeikoStand of Giraffes (Commission for Zoo Employee) by TheFriendlyElephant
Congratulations SAKURA-CHAN (updated) by Sayuui[100-002] Byeoddal by Glimja
Untitled by SomberOrangeDreamsDGM: RQ | When Alier's flustered... by Maniculous-LadybugRosa Do Deserto by seek-and-hide
Dragon Discovering a Flower by DravakiirmModerate by umunschaasfree sketch 2 miyeong by Elmont
~Let it Snow~ by YuukiCross5
For Tiffany 3  by shantisticARTSRe-upload by shantisticARTS
Fox Adopt [CLOSED] by VenelebatAlo by Enderomi
Horned devil by xXRed-RabidXxInktober 31 Witch Luala by LualaDyA Night Of Reminisce by Blues-Eyes

Walking Test by DravakiirmTileset Practice by BizmasterStudiosteeny pixel jungle by laokeiKurousagi by CuriousBunny11

[ArtTrade] Darko by cyci15Guwn by Chipmeow
Turn the Music Up by AkujiTheronNighttime Adventuring by Venelebat
COMM :: Like the Kool Kids by paintedchaos
Ghost Moon by LindArtz
Venus  by GeorgeXVII
My favorite bush of chrysanthemums blossomed by Daykiney
Harvest Mouse in the raspberries by Xantosia
Adventure Time     by LindArtz
The great blue heron by UszatyArbuzChannel Hopper Lickig Ice Cream by biancaroseg
Armor Blitz Released by Rosuuri
Shelter by Rosuuri
Bubbles by lemgras330Lost My Keys by lemgras330
Boy and Kitten by Yankeestyle94
Curious Kitten by Yankeestyle94
Sharpei puppies by Ahau2
:Love Llama: by Miyeong
Victorian Nonsense, Part OneA summer's night, and in the sky were clouds so giant one could simply not resist calling them gargantuan. They loomed over the town and over my house in the town, thus that these late hours which should have been veritably a-glow with a shining moon and glistening stars saw only slivers of silver in a blotched sky.
Carried on the gusting wind which thrusted through the cracks in my windows I heard the grumbling of thunder deep within the clouds, and knew that my current endeavour - to scratch down with a fresh quill pivotal lines of dialogue in my romantic novella - would soon not only be lit by dancing candlelight but by vivid streaks of lightning.
Which, I reflected, would probably be quite startling.
It was at this point that I realised my banal thoughts and irrelevant observations of the weather meant I’d once again become distracted from the task of writing said novella, which currently felt as easy as wading through the most viscous black syrup. I popped the
Fickle Friday: I Remember EverythingLISTEN TO THE SONG

Monthly Theme/Pollinators 1/2Welcome to our "Monthly Theme!"
We celebrate "Pollinators"!
"Butterflies, Hummingbirds and Bees."
They are so essential to our food source, we not live without them! 
Thank you to everyone who contributed to this feature!



Bumblebee Sucking Nectar by KMourzenko

Everyone deserves to be featured IIIIMPORTANT
The acceptance of the poll has been so great that I can not include all the works in a single Art Feature. For this reason, there will be two parts.

Art Feature for myWatchers and Friends.

Thank you all who participated in my poll
Thank you so much!!
Now, feature time...........



Dark Charade by perzarus
ID Persona: Sirina by Sumi-Sprite  
FEATURING DEVIANTS XIIHey There Everyone! It's Loulabelle,
I am here today to revisit my 'FEATURING  DEVIANTS' series.
Since personally I feel like I don't write enough personal journals with everyone, I do feel like a lot of artists get pushed away in the shadows or deserve some more love and attention than they currently have, so I've decided to start a 'Featuring' every Sunday or week if I can in general, since personally I do feel like it'll be a good idea to help boost people up and get some more recognition for the things they deserve to be recognised for or help get them some exposure.Hey There all! I am here yet again, a little later than usual, I do hope you all like this journal for this week! Tiny Heart 

Featured From 'Newest'.
I went into deviantART's newest section and decided to pick up on some submissions I thought looked pretty appealing to the eye or even interesting in design or concept, so here

When your friend and you like the same thing by RoyalNoir
Autumn Spiral by poca2hontas
Golden Spiral by ErikShoemaker
G-Dino by Vusiuz
dgajsa tal-pass No2 by Micko-vic
Regina Vs Gourmand by DrClosure
Cherry blossoms wolf by sheeps-wing
Adagio by ArtOfElysee
Troopankhamun by neilakoga
Zodiac Contest Winners and Participants 

The Zodiac Contest hosted by


with prizes from

Sanity-Impaired  Wesley-Souza  marphilhearts  lauraypablo  Omr-Atef  Midnight-Designed  Andorada  emptymemories321 

Congratulations to the winners!
Star! First Place Star!
Strength by Orouthi

Star! Runner-up Star!
Libra by kuschelirmel

Zodiac Contest WinnersHi, everyone. Here are the results of the Zodiac contest. :D Thank you so much for all the wonderful entries! And a huge thank you also goes to those who donated prizes. You're all awesome. :meow:
:star: First Place :star:

by Orouthi
1000  points
Photomanip art request from Emerald-Depths
Traditional art prize (character bust) from Sanity-Impaired
Stock from Wesley-Souza
Premium texture/glitter pack from marphilhearts
Texture pack from Omr-Atef
Features from Emerald-DepthsperzarusWesley-SouzalauraypabloMidnight-Designed,Andorada
Llamas from perzarusemptymemories321
:star: Runner-up :star:

by kuschelirmel
A is for AutumnAnd here we go again folks. Another round of Alphabet Features!
And we start with A.  
A is for Autumn.

Wald #90 by HeikoGerlicher
Candle By Ethereal Forest by Andorada
ART ON A SUNDAY.....ART..... AND FUN!!!!!!

el viajero by kriakao
Winterland Path Stock by philippeL
Sunset on a Cold Winter Day by JocelyneR
Winter Wonderland by Joe-Maccerkar.. by MeralSariogluPostcard of Tokyo 22 by JACAC
Umbrellas by CarolynYMUmbrella Revolution by BillyNikollPurple Umbrella. by jennystokes
Overcoming Divisions by poca2hontas
Cats Of The Month - Big Cats Vol.#2Big Cats, Majestic in size and beauty.
 No matter how much we watch them, we are amazed! Captivated by the sheer power and grace of
such awesome creatures.
To the Artist's who share their passion for these great animals.
Thank You!



Day 253 of my 2016-a drawing every day resolution by shonechacko

Halloween at ThumbHub: Results!Hi everyone!
Thank you for joining us for Halloween activities during the whole day of October 31st! This journal will summarize our winners of the day :la:
The results will go in order that the event happened!

Muro Draw Challenge #1
(150 points to each winner from JenFruzz)
Hosted by Akelamoonstone

Round 1: Jack-o-Lantern
Congratulations to Leiika

Round 2: Wicked Witch

Congratulations to Andorada

Round 3: Haunted House

Congratulations to Leiika
ThumbHub's Monthly Art Challenge
(3 month Core Membership or 1,200 points from communityrelations)
Please note this prize will be distributed in the first half of December :
October feature and November promptHello! :iconlualady: for OurDreamsWillCome here!
First of all I want to tell you guys how much of a pain this journal was. Some of you, who are used to writing feature journals might know very well the "all my thumbs disapeared" bug (GG DA). So, I had to re-write several parts of this journal, because from one save to another, DA decided to delete half of my content...
But still, I am very happy to bring this to you guys <3
Our monthly feature includes:
the best of the month consisting of pieces that have been copied to the featured folder
the currently featured deviant
the best of the monthly prompt
news and articles from our members
Please note that the selection is highly subjective, though I try my best to come up with something great!
Now, let's begin!!!

The best of OCTOBER

Mature Content

center stages by ChasMandala

Many thanks for the latest llamas, comments and faves! :aww: And welcome to my new watchers!

For the next week I'd like to invite you to a new Open Feature, with the theme Introspection.

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