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Common Feature Nr. 3

Fri Mar 10, 2017, 9:27 AM
Some timeless_3D "doodleing"! ^-^

Friends? by Tafkah
on the tramp by frequenzlos
Uncertainty by reynante

Tea Jazz by lusie

Target Acquired by Tafkah
Negresco, the cat by Catetas

  Strike A Pose by sandrabauser
Never Too Late For Another Adventure by vladimirpetkovic
4 low poly by prusakov italian villa [Lowpoly] by Mezaka
Best Friends by Conlaodh


My Little Planet by RicoCilliers
Meowza and Medea by Tafkah Wanting More by Conlaodh Meowza and Medea by Tafkah
sultan ahmed mosque [LowPoly][reworked] by Mezaka

Ad Astra by Small-Brown-Dog
Star Citizen Sketch by Hazzard65
The Droid by jfliesenborghs

-MMDVIII- by MarkusVogt
-DX - by MarkusVogt Another Galaxy by Kadaj777

 Passage | Neo Tokyo VI by MarkusVogt

Vue it - Approaching Pandora by priteeboy

My Teddy Bear by RicoCilliers Star Wars - Squidwalker by M-Santin
  The Big Escape by Fredy3DOne Last Break by stroggtank

Na'vi by Mavrosh Passing By by DrowElfMorwen
Pandoran Forest by priteeboy
Endor Patrol by Emigepa
Curiosity by uoa7 Forest of Bunnies by uoa7
Loved by the Sun (Joy) by BlackTalonArts Redhead Warrior Girl Fantasy 3D-Art by shibashake
Steampunk Voyager by KachinadollThe Maze by Icesturm

Pirate Lady by RicoCilliers Catwoman Fan Art by shibashake
Space Elf by MavroshI am Machine by MadamGoth

deer in autumn forest by prusakov Red Sonja Tribute to Boris Vallejo by flyashy
Danbo in autumn by IkyuValiantValentine
Goss II (Cassel) Approach Shot - Star Citizen by Hazzard65
ship in a bottle by frequenzlos
Full Moon Pirates by deskridgeThe Muse by Grim-Red

Boulderback by RicoCilliers
Music Takes Flight by Conlaodh
Twisted Sensation by Super-Her0

Thank you so much for your contribution

Vanessa by Tony3d
Please Enter by Icesturm

Do you have 3D favorite artworks/videos you would like to share with us?
Please post them here!

Graphite Feature 2

Wed Feb 15, 2017, 12:06 PM
We are Groot by emorganb94

Christmas Donkeys by WildwingSuz 
Sniffing a Butterfly by avaunt
Pencil portrait of a baby alpaca by LateStarter63Snow leopard by BeckyKidus
 Tiger by LadyFromEast

Fox skull by Loony-Madness Grumpy guy by Loony-MadnessDragon concept by Willhorn[Czarina] by Daniel-Loya-III
still life by Scott-A-T-artpersonification 1 by MarjorieChamillard
Think Out Of The Box by ritakomi

Jyn Erso 2/11/17 by khinson Hellawes by vikygrafikk  Les Miserable - Cosette by ChrisWoottonArt
Navarre by joniwagnerart
My Light by AdnivTango by ChrisWoottonArt 


Girl Portrait by Willhorn
Woman 3 by DPasschier
Blank Space by ffnana
Megan Fox photorealistic by petbet1
2017 January Close-ups: Star Trek Episode 25 by Starfire-Productions
'Michael.' by caldwellart
Love is Hard by sjomme The Raptor King by Uranus-seventhsun
Fantasy-Girl by Willhorn
Lyra Belacqua by paletanEmotions  by almberger
Native American by MIA-LPViolin by MaarelSerenity by Lemures87
self  by MrsBeastlyThe Still life by Artist-MMRThe Bridesmaid by DeLumine
 Reading in the window by DevilishEvelyn   Man Sketch by SaywinterNatalie Dormer Sketch by ReaperBunny
I'm sexy and I know it by Lemures87 Figure Study by Blue-AnimaElf by avaunt   
Lesson) for kittens. by Alik-Volga

Common Feature Nr.2

Mon Feb 6, 2017, 7:40 AM

This is the second feature following  Have a wonderful New Year! - Open Feature. Heart
You can have a look on the first journal here: Common Feature Nr.1

Forgive me.. by KiJaein
NO.6 - It's a promise by Miyukiko
Ha by Raichiyo33
Laputa by Blue-F-Phoenix
Winter Romance by cronasonlyfriend
Winter Fun  by noorkawaii
Star Man: Golden Eyes by TerminusLucis
Good Turkey.... by PkingSora
20161229 015553 by Doringota
Christmas Angel...sorta? by GlyphBellchime
Time by hititle
Bedtime by BluePhoenix0702
minstrel by mirlantinami
Light's Direction by VoiceInForestShadow
Dwarven Smith by TurnerMohan
Aragorn by Jickleberry
Serenity by cloudmilk
Katya and Renata, 2016 by carlos-salva-art
Ice kimono by Mad-Ga-L

Common Feature Nr.1

Sun Jan 22, 2017, 8:43 AM

Art & Skin CSS © Nesmaty

Happy New Year 2017!

Sat Dec 31, 2016, 6:30 PM

Best wishes to all of you!  I hope 2017 will bring you many joys and beautiful moments! 

:iconlucytherescuedcat::iconambr0::iconamarantheans::icongeorgexvii::iconlemgras330::iconthegalleryofeve::iconsolidmars::iconmypeanutgallery::iconadampanak::iconfelizias::iconastarsia::iconharesoup::icontommygk::iconlintu47::icontudalia::iconuszatyarbuz::iconrhynwilliams::icondan-heffer::iconstygma::icontigles1artistry::iconmouselemur::iconmalintra-shadowmoon::iconsublime-feline::iconmihaisandu::iconwhitewolf7217::iconashleyxbrooke::iconjennystokes::icontsamitsunami::iconlandicordier::iconalexanderpaupoff::iconcrgphotography::iconcyres1::iconpamonk::iconkristenspork::iconokavanga::iconero-haru::iconchasmandala::icon3wyl::iconastrikos::iconanoya::iconpretyboy::iconsavagefrog::iconwdwparksgal::iconmentalcinephile::icontehangelscry::iconjonathanwyke::iconlualady::iconmedoriko::iconsuejo::iconnavybluepanda::iconegil21::icondzulkifli27::icondieffi::iconnightsheepstalker::iconsesam-is-open::iconlauraypablo::iconladylincoln::iconallison731::iconlindartz::iconwesley-souza::iconarichy::icongigi50::iconyoshaphotography::icondaniellemwilliams::iconactsofart::iconteaphotography::iconoliviamichalski::iconnikonfinest::iconlatestarter63::icongenerazart::iconkatzaphire::iconlola-in-the-black::iconsheilabrinson::icongillianivy::iconyamajun-fan98::iconandaelentari::iconhermetic-wings::iconjocelyner::iconsabakunoshi::iconsurrealistic-gloom: :iconorminita::iconcanankk::iconkatagro::iconadoreluna::iconunicodragon::iconpeachie5000::iconandrea-colunga::iconmiraberi::iconlorenzo-franzese::iconwindklang::iconmockingbirdontree::iconsealiahiero::iconcinnamoncandy::iconevejen::icononeserendipity::iconscarletwarmth::iconvesnara14::iconhugqueen::iconmaytheforcebewithyou::iconthesanart::iconsailorsunphoenix::iconhendrikhermans::iconmr-ripley::iconsuezn::iconmartith::iconmaria-schreuders::iconarthurramsey::icongmatty::icondragonflyandromeda::iconprettyflour::iconlior-art::icongrendelkin::iconjmporter::iconthe-lost-hope::iconfurkanholmes::iconscooby777::iconmocris::iconrust2d::iconphilippel::iconlucilaleyla::iconjoe-maccer::iconpogopuggie::iconmiirex::iconamontheblack25000::icongabrielbb::iconwyrmfed::icongiannacroft::iconannmloveart: :iconastoko:
:iconpixlphantasy: :icontalty::iconpinkythepink: :iconpullingcandy: :iconikazon::iconjunkbyjen::iconlovelessdevotions::iconerikshoemaker::iconlyricanna::icontsaoshin::iconliliwrites::iconthemaideninblack::iconbrennenxr::iconjenfruzz::iconqueen-kitty::icontanyasimonesimpson::iconmrs-durden::icontiganusi::iconmarcosrodriguez::icondistortedsmile::iconcelticstrm-stock::iconcassy-blue::iconmercurycode::iconjustacapharnaum::iconcosmicbound::iconmorbidman187::iconhosagu:

Best wishes also to all my watchers and visitors, everyone I interacted with in chatrooms, forums, statuses and  feature&artworks comments as well as everyone faving my work!

Skin by Andorada, inspired by CypherVisor

Angels Without Wings - December '16

Wed Dec 28, 2016, 2:47 PM by Andorada:iconandorada:

Who are Angels without Wings?

They are those fellow deviants:

yellow heart bullet  who more or less regularly feature other deviants
yellow heart bullet who always willingly give tips, hints, helpful comments
yellow heart bullet who answer at least a fair amount of the comments they get
yellow heart bullet who give kind and or uplifting words where they see its needed
yellow heart bullet who feature and pimp projects and deviants who need support/help
yellow heart bullet  who take the time to suggest DD's on a more or less regular basis
yellow heart bullet who take the time to suggest seniority every now and then
yellow heart bullet who give fair and helpful critiques (whether official or not)
yellow heart bullet or whatever else helpful, kind, supportive they might do
You can read all about it HERE 

yellow heart bullet yellow heart bullet yellow heart bullet 

At the beginning of each month 4 deviants will be awarded with a pair of wings and get
featured by TheGalleryOfEve and her Gangstas of love (in alphabetical order):

Annissina BloomingRoseXeniia davincipoppalag DeviBrigard DieffiDMD-CT Egil21 Ero-Haru EveLivesey Felizias gigi50 
msfowlePaMonk PeppermintSoda rainylake SolidMars Stygma sueznTheGalleryOfEve The-Lost-Hope 
TheRafflesia Tigles1ArtistryWDWParksGal Yuukon

yellow heart bullet yellow heart bullet yellow heart bullet  

Now without further delay on to the 4 brand new angels:

:iconsomeconfettiplz: Congrats Everyone :iconsomeconfettiplz:
:iconwingsplz: It’s a delight to award you with the wings you so deserve :iconwingsplz:
Please do remember to leave comments for each of our dear Gangstas who feature you in their individual journals. And, you can now display the AWW stamp on your frontpage, in your journals or ID Love

:iconmarcosrodriguez: suggested by Yuukon

Marcos is one of those faces you just can't miss on DA. He has helped the macro gallery grow a lot, and is always ready to give a helping hand and tips where needed. Marcos is very active, always busy doing features and he is one of those CV's that anyone can approach and talk to. He's always friendly, and definitely deserving to get a pair of wings!” ... "Marcos is very willing to share his knowledge with the community via journals and Project Educate. He is active in seniormentors and many other groups. He does feature journals and is an active commenter. He is a tireless supporter of DeviantART!" ... "We're very happy to put these wings on you, congratulations Marcos!!!"

Sharp by MarcosRodriguezPerfect by MarcosRodriguez
searching for a star by MarcosRodriguezMilky Way 2 by MarcosRodriguez

:iconjenfruzz: suggested by Yuukon & lucytherescuedcat

“Anybody who has every looked in the APN Photography category, knows who Jen is. Jen is always on DA, even when she should be sleeping! She keeps busy not alone with APN, but also with chats and forums and runs the chatroom #ThumbHub. Jen is a bundle of joy, always ready to lend a hand, and even though she has never seen a snail in real life, she is very easy to approach and very loved around the community” ... "She is a community mentor who has been a member of DA for 11yrs. A volunteer for Animals and Nature DD Suggestions, her time is spent promoting artist's. Jen is a great featurist for AnimalsPlantsNature providing the public with informative journalism. I have only been here a short while to know that I honor and respect her work to this community!" ... "It's with great pleasure that we award you with these wings dear Jen, congratulations!!!"

Sneak Attack by JenFruzzCranberry Mousse by JenFruzzSir Charles Pawsworth by JenFruzz

:iconnikonfinest: suggested by PaMonk

“She is very Active with doing a lot features and communicates with many other users here at DA. She is very friendly and always has something nice and caring to say, she is a wonderful person who always thinks of others” ... "She brightens other deviants days with her thoughtful comments and is very approachable; it is a real pleasure communicating with her, so we're happy to give her these wings today!!! Congratulations Cody!!!"
J O Y by NikonfinestRockin' around the Christmas tree by NikonfinestMagic at Midnight by Nikonfinest
Blinding love by NikonfinestShoot* by Nikonfinest

:iconlust0fadeeperpain: suggested by PaMonk 

“She is Just a beautiful and Friendly Ladyshe is always so nice and caring she is very supportive of many Deviant Art users
she always has such comforting and inspiring Comments to share with everyone
just a Beautiful lady and person.” ... "Her active participation in the groups she helps running and her kindness towards everybody makes her a very lovely deviant!!! It's a pleasure to give her these wings!!! Congratulations!!!"

Madame Tussauds by Lust0fADeeperPainRetro-2 by Lust0fADeeperPainAlluring by Lust0fADeeperPain
Symbol Of Love by Lust0fADeeperPainRed Window by Lust0fADeeperPain

yellow heart bullet yellow heart bullet yellow heart bullet  


Nominations for new Angels Without Wings 
If you know any deserving deviants who meet the criteria at the top of this journal, please tell us! We are always looking for new Angels to award.

Simply Note our group :iconangels-and-gangstas: with ‘AWW Suggestion’ as the subject, along with at least 5 sentences telling us why the deviant deserves to earn their Wings. Please, one suggestion per Note only!
Please check to make sure your suggested nominee was not awarded already, you can find the list of Awarded Angels HERE 

If you do suggest, please have a look to make sure the nominees good deeds are visible for everyone visiting their pages!! Everyone needs to clearly see why the person deserves their Award.And please write at least 5 sentences why you suggest this deviant :D (Big Grin)

Let us celebrate the New Year with a new open feature :funnydance: 

You are welcome to participate by mentioning

Stars Orange   3 things you liked about 2016 - new things you learned, personal achievements, nice things your dear ones experienced, etc.

Stars Orange   3 things you wish for yourself for 2017

Stars Orange  3 or more uplifting artworks/features, welcoming the New Year! 

Keep it light, joyous, funny, warm, beautiful  and/or tender!

Wishing you a wonderful time :iloveit: ,

Stephania - 4 by caiusaugustusCan't turn back time by shimoda7
Pencil portrait of Gene Tierney by LateStarter63Cristoph Waltz by Jandzi
Out To Pasture by MalcolmShorttElegant Beauty 2 by markstewart
Stones in graphite by markstewartEye drawing V by flaval
Drawing Metamorphosis by Guru-of-GraphiteRey - Daisy Ridley by anokaxlegolas

For Just a Moment by bm23Eiffel tower by MiStr8022
blackfantastix drawing 2 by caiusaugustusMegan Fox photorealistic by petbet1
Sensazioni by DiegoKoiblackfantastix drawing 3 by caiusaugustusNessuno mai by DiegoKoi
Anne Hathaway by francoclunJared Leto 2 by LochaSnejpa
Clint Eastwood portrait (pencil drawing) by giacomoburattiniRaptus by DiegoKoi
Ben Kingsley by markstewartJohnHurt by banethedog
My pencil by Thubakabraluv u by klaudika1013
In Umbra 11 (Dark Graphite) by Dee-Morgan999Matt Who? - pencil portrait by Cataclysm-X.:NEED:. by Lynn003
SHAVING by MiroDesignUntitled by klaudika101369 annee erotique by stevie-wydder
Looking In by Syntheta-NZQuiet Motion - Pencil Illustration by LopezLorenzanaAUDREY by joniwagnerart

Graphite by crusaderkyMandi by Redfox999
time by asariamarkaSelf destruction by XRlS
Untitled by jm78Model IX by DChernov
Yoda and Luke by TonyssimoEmilia Clarke Daenerys by cfischer83
Inner Battle by MarieStarsMylene Farmer by vikygrafikkBlame / detail by evusha
Apple 2014 by Benadiaspider by asariamarkaSnap Shot Reflections Final by eskimo30787
ANGER by MiroDesignAMERICAN PRIDE by MiroDesign
Found a coin! by OstinLeinPolar Bear by AmBr0

Subject #7 by MalcolmShorttTiger Portrait by GiovanniChis
Snow Wolf by AlexMahoneThe Lioness (drawing by Alexander Levett) by AlexanderLevett
Django of Cacharel - Friesian Stallion by andreamichaelCat black pen drawing by 22Zitty22
Feeling the freedom by GiovanniChisThe hunt by GiovanniChis

Hyperrealism. Patiently... by keithmore2000Union Nexus by iSaBeL-MR
Child portrait by keopsaThea by Snow-Owl
Pencil portrait of a girl with a cat by LateStarter63Sara C. by Tonyssimo

ReaperBunny tnydts lucytherescuedcat Starfire-Productions ov3 StettafireZero  Dzulkifli27 
This is the first feature with their suggestions :la:


Hi, again! ^-^
I wonder if this makes you smile ;P I followed him all the way through :giggle: He has a point! :D

Many thanks to everyone jumping to help me with my graphite problem!
 We all start somewhere and tend to focus on certain things, maybe not following a straight line while learning.
 I might show up in the future with other super easy to solve problems :giggle:, after hitting my head to the wall long enough to come over here and ask for help from more experienced art lovers^^

I really appreciate your support…,
and this is what I learned:

using gloves does not help
one can use a tool to support oneself - either the artist's bridge (leaning bridge) or the mahl stick
to keep the surface inclined when ever possible
 larger sizes of the canvas bring in much more challenges than the smaller ones, not only a larger volume of work
one cannot really remove the spots already made, they are sensitive
thus, avoid at all cost NEVER to touch the paper with naked hands, not even to take it out of the pack.
thee is such an awesome feeling to have so many jumping in with an advice - I love this place! Aww And it feels good to know others went through the same problemsWink/Razz


Shakira by VinerisMirror by saintartaud
20/10/2016 - Inktober - Day 16 by StettafireZeroKite by Hipnago
Checkered Dreamscape by siantjudasOctober 29 by Glori305
CM: Xenith and Kit by HareSoup
Hayao Miyazaki by narutokunobessedLightning the Innocent by narutokunobessed
FB Cover Photo by FTSArtsLidfox Pencil by geek96boolean10

Gingus Khan by BabaKinkin

CinderBlockStudios  siantjudas FTSArts narutokunobessed geek96boolean10 Vineris BabaKinkin saintartaud Hipnago
FrankieAA Glori305 StettafireZero AmBr0…

Rhinoceros by AmBr0
Tom Hanks by AmBr0Don Cheadle by AmBr0

Tree of Life and Simorgh in Sea of the World by AmBr0

The Omnivorous Reader by RileyStark

And here we have more interesting shading tutorials :la: from Dzulkifli27
Studying Sunday: Lighting with Henryk Siemiradzki by fabianrensch

Something else I learned this week, and it explained a lot of my struggles:

Special thanks to HareSoup for our discussions, they are very helpful! :huggle::iconflyingheartsplz:

Would you like to join me in drawing something like this?

This is my work in progress :giggle:
My first landscape!! :la: :D I did not know this is so much fun!

Test.graphite.WIP by Andorada

I would be curious if somebody else also likes to try this :flirty:
Any comment is very welcome!


Open Feature: Graphite Drawings!…

I'd like to see your drawings!

I hope you can find here some cool shading resources Flirtatious
If you know more, let us know^^

Conditioned reflex by ZsoltKosa


Shading and Lighting

Use of the colour wheel for lighting and shadingI want to talk about some simple things that even professional photomanipulators don't give enough attention sometimes.
It's the reason why our work can be perceived as wrong a bit , especially by traditional artists. People who are not artists usually say “something's wrong”
Our theme for today is colour of light and shadow.
I want to point out – there are many colour schemes and rules for that (it would be better to write an individual tutorial on that),
some are better for realistic works, some for surrealism, some for abstraction etc. It depends on your idea.
However, today we'll talk about the basic rule that must be followed in any professional work
PE: Traditional ShadingTraditional Shading
Hello. This is iDJPanda on the topic of shading! :la:
When I usually start into the shading process of something, I always struggle to see which kind of technique I can use to give the piece of art the type of wow that I want. But just like anything, there are MANY ways to do it! This can help you use different shading techniques for different textures. I'm gonna give you a few different ways you can shade (Try to shake it up! :giggle: ). If you have any other ways you shade, please feel free to tell me! :)
One of my favorite, in this technique of shading, you go against what all elementary teachers told you. You scribble! When you shade like this, you'll come out with something that looks like this.
Using circular motions, you generate different shades. Spending more time, swirling makes the certain areas you want darker, and the less you swirl makes the other areas lighter. :dummy:
ShadingShading Lineart
This is the same techniqe I use when I paint my regular art as well. I just don't have any lineart! Well, when it comes ot characters - landscapes is a different story!
I work on a mac, but you can do this on a pc as well. Keep in mind though, that command in macintosh means ctrl in pc.
I work in Photoshop CS, but any version above 7 should work pretty much the same
My version of photshop is in swedish, so some terms may not be correctly translated into english. If you know the proper term don't heistate to tell me so I can change anything that is wrong. Words marked with * means that I don't know what the correct translation is, so pay attention to the image!
(question? Ask in a comment and I'll do my best to answer!)

Hey again folks! Time for part 3 of this tutorial set on how to go from just lines to colored lines! ^^
There are not a whole lot of instructions to give when it comes to painting, it's justs oemthing you kn
Artists' Toolbox: Shading and Highlighting in GIMPHello!
Today we're are going to review (and hopefully learn) how shading and highlighting can be extremely easy and give your work a distinct look depending on technique. This is focusing on using GIMP, but Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai have equivalent tools.
As some may know GIMP is a free and legal image editing program (I say image because the the full name is GNU Image Manipulation Program). It was not necessarily made for painting, but neither was the hair that was first used to make a paintbrush. ;) Despite that however, you can find brilliant ways to make your work stand out. You can check out the web site here
We have two techniques that use specific tools we can use that will each give your work a different appearance:
1. Shading and highlighting with the ink tool
2. Shading and highlighting with the paint brush

Using the ink tool can give you control over line thickness and clean edges
Shading HairCommunity Week
My name is Jessica and I’ll be sharing with you how I shade hair. You can use a fair bit of this tutorial in many mediums since the concepts are universal. Today we will be going through light sources, tone, values, and shapes when shading hair. If you think of it, anything has a shape whether it is an arm (cylinder), head (oval/egg), or a nose (cone). The rules of light and shadow apply to everything. Hair can be overwhelming especially if there a copious amount of it. Curly hair can drive an artist insane, but when completed properly is deeply rewarding. It is easier to think of hair in groups instead of individual strands. The groupings have been described as ribbons which works well with me since I’ve called it the ribbon technique since I started drawing. Working one ribbon or partition of hair at a time when drawing will amount to a fuller more realistic head of hair.

First you’ll need the right tools to lay yo
Tips for ShadingHey y'all :)
So, shading black or white can be a real pain, right? Well, I own and have worked on quite a few of these and am here to provide some insight. Please note that any brush/tool suggestions/assumptions are from the latest version of Gimp. If you work in Photoshop, sorry, but I have no idea what it's got. You can follow the other color guides, though :) Huh, this is kinda turning out to be an all-around shading tutorial (was originally going to just be about black and white)... If you want more, let me know :)
Black and White:
1. Never start with pure black (#00000) or pure white (#FFFFF).
These are impossible to darken or lighten, respectively, with the Dodge/Burn tool (shading tool of choice). Pure white also tends to be very harsh and takes forever to darken, going to a strange pinkish-yellow (not orange, pinkish-yellow). Black simply does not darken. Additionally, when you lighten it, the color usually lightens far too quickly, leaving more of a contrast t
Shading Techniques Applied: Shading a Portrait
My latest course on shading explains how to create realistic lighting using Photoshop. The beautiful part is that the information taught in the course applies to any subject and any medium. The shading techniques course is more than a slick demo or a Photoshop tutorial. It’s core, fundamental principles and concepts of realistic light and shadow.
In this article, I’ll demonstrate how to apply shading techniques to a portrait. See video below for a portrait shading demonstration from a recent ‘Draw With Chris’ Livestream. Photoshop is the medium used in the video. Oil paint is used in the demo for the text version below.
For complete, step by step breakdown, read on…

Portrait Shading Process
STEP 1: Smart observation
The first step is to make careful obse
Shading and Painting Tips and Tricks!So here's some things I found out while practicing digital painting and figuring out new shading techniques.
In no way am I a professional or anything so these tips aren't top-of-the-line.
I'm not trying to tell you to use these techniques and not anything else, they're meant to help you!
If you have a style that works for you then great! If you can find a way to use these techniques with it, that's awesome!
Nonetheless, I hope that they're helpful!

♪  Objects are separated by values, not lines.

One thing I've picked up from drawing classes is that values are the thing that distinguishes objects from each other, not lines.
When you're working without lineart, it's important to remember this.
If you have two different parts of a character, most of the time the light source touches one part more than the one behind it.
If that sounds confusing, take a look at my Sans and Toriel painting:

Notice how areas like T
10 tips about drawing #3 - ShadingThird round of 10 simple and effective tips about drawing, this time a bit more spesific, time to delve into shading, the one area I feel I have progressed the most.
**This is my own personal take and oppinion about shading, take it with a grain of salt :D **
1. Shade and blend An extremely common way to shade, but not only overused but more often than not used incorrectly.
You lay down a value pref. with an HB or softer pencil and blend it into the paper from the dark to the light, but the thing here to remember is to not go too hard in blending at first, if you do it is very tricky to manipulate the values after.
Think of the tooth of the paper like grass, don´t just stomp them down on the first go, gently grace the paper with a blending stump/tissue/q-tip etc and once you start to approach the desired value you can go a little harder.
2. Directional blending Much as 1. but directional blending means you always blend following the curve of what you are drawi

Evoe by mullerpereiraluck by JuliaDunin
The Key to Your Heart - Steps by nakanoart
Torre de Belem by GeorgeXVII
enlightened by JuliaDunin

Tracer by Nieris
Gem - Tron: Legacy by FallonBeaumontResonant by cosmicbound
Dawn Patrol by StevenDavisPhoto
Trust by DestinyBlue
Happiness by Transformer-comics
Damsel by Danika-StockDeep in the sea by DrawingNynke
Portrait of Brandon Boyd by lisasurianiTree  (Desolation) by zingzangzu
Heaven's Gate by deepgroundukpic 110 by muwaten
Waiting by coby01
Lacrimosa by naelojThe Coronation by Ner-Tamin
Cave by kolokasWell... It is a cast shadow by Bo--oykaCuddly Welcome by Venelebat
The Adventures of Finfin [Contest/gift] by MomagieDoritoGremin by Trotsworth
If You Must Blink... by harwicks-artProngs will Ride Tonight by ChasingArtwork
Cave by UndeadSentinelAngels by QueensDaughters
dear friend by Cynthi-art
Plague Gun by UndeadSentinel
Haurin by AivoreeAT: Cirilla by DumplingYumYum
Witch Yami by DumplingYumYumEarly Morning Glow by QuietFox-Arts
Start Running - 02 by MrDarwenstreetSoran and Raven by TamberElla
Tinfoil magic 4 by LaArrivai know the places that you hide by xXNamaste
Light and shade by yuribrutShani Witcher cosplay by Lyumos
berdua by thon94rt
Take Me Away | 15 sec by zhenyab
Never Forget. Never Forgive. by naturalshocksShalkar by ElenaSai
Theater. Shadows Play (another edition) by tahirlazimHidden by TheRaainn
Medieval Cloister by GrimDreamArt
Bright Future by DrewHopper
... by existencia5

at the beach/park by acollins973Awaiting the rain by ulyce
Freddie Mercury - Birthday Tribute by SoulShapedFaceThe Look by lemgras330
Quick thing by ColorfullyMonotoneBattle-Hardened by UndeadSentinelPsyche by xiaommpong
I can't live neither without you, nor with you by irbi-art
Prisoner by irbi-artInktober #2: Cat Alarm by SaskleTheather Of Halloween Shadows by irbi-artI MISS YOU SO MUCH by irbi-art
Info by dS1GNThe Puppeteer's 'Big Picture' by ritakomi
Twilight by isischneider
mushrooms by arnaerrInktober 26 Black Cat by LualaDy
When She Was Here 7.11.2016 by umsul

Many thanks to everyone contributing to this feature:

Challenge of the week:

Make a drawing using one of the tutorials in this feature! La la la la

Who are Angels without Wings?

They are those fellow deviants:

yellow heart bullet  who more or less regularly feature other deviants
yellow heart bullet who always willingly give tips, hints, helpful comments
yellow heart bullet who answer at least a fair amount of the comments they get
yellow heart bullet who give kind and or uplifting words where they see its needed
yellow heart bullet who feature and pimp projects and deviants who need support/help
yellow heart bullet  who take the time to suggest DD's on a more or less regular basis
yellow heart bullet who take the time to suggest seniority every now and then
yellow heart bullet who give fair and helpful critiques (whether official or not)
yellow heart bullet or whatever else helpful, kind, supportive they might do
You can read all about it HERE 

yellow heart bullet yellow heart bullet yellow heart bullet 

At the beginning of each month 4 deviants will be awarded with a pair of wings and get
featured by TheGalleryOfEve and her Gangstas of love (in alphabetical order):

Wanted: New Gangstas of Love!

If you'd like to spread the joy of featuring new Angels Without Wings apply now! It’s a simple task that you need to do once every month.
Journal content is given to you, complete. Just choose 3 deviations from each of the new Angels galleries to add to the journal,
upload it to your own account, and notify the new Angels of their feature. Simply note our group :iconangels-and-gangstas: to apply.

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Now without further delay on to the 4 brand new angels:

:iconsomeconfettiplz: congrats everyone :iconsomeconfettiplz:
:iconwingsplz: it’s a delight to award you with the wings you so deserve :iconwingsplz:
Please do remember to leave comments for each of our dear Gangstas who feature you in their individual journals.
And, you can now display the AWW stamp on your frontpage, in your journals or ID Love

Angel without Wings Award by Nameda

:iconstygma: suggested by The Angels-And-Gangstas Team

Styggy is one of the sweetest, kindest people around here!!! She’s always ready to help anyone with whatever people might need!!!
It has been a privilege to many of us, having the chance to have met someone so amazing like our beloved Stiggy!!! Her level of commitment to the groups she admins is absolutely inspiring; she puts 100% of herself in everything she does, and when someone is that way, quickly becomes unforgettable and admired at many levels!!!” … “She’s also our favorite cookie queen on DA; someone who deserves a gorgeous set of wings, even though she’s already an angel without them!!! It is an honor, a great pride for us to bestow our sweet dear Styggy with these wings!!! Congratulations dear friend!!!”

Tolerance Event Part 1 by StygmaLasher by Stygma
Lost Treasure Art 3 - It looked like a shortcut by StygmaThe Lost Treasure: Getting Ready by Stygma 

Angel without Wings Award by Nameda

:iconpearwood: suggested by davincipoppalag

“Steve is a pillar in the community, doing regular features of other artists, sharing the creations of artists who are not as known as him with his watchers and friends. He’s very active on his groups, regularly sponsoring weekly challenge contests, and he’s a very supportive good fella” … “He gives lots of very constructive comments and advice, which is absolutely valuable to fellow artists” … “Overall an amazing part of the DA world, someone you can count on as an active watcher and friend, above everything, FRIEND!!! Congratulations dear Steve on your new wings!!!”

2016-318 Robert and the birthday cake by pearwood2016-315 Sometimes the rat wins by pearwood
2016-313 From our bedroom window 1 by pearwood2016-302 Getting ready by pearwood

Angel without Wings Award by Nameda

:iconjesseboy000: suggested by Yuukon

“Jesse has several features running, his ‘neat street’ and his ‘delectable deviations’ in which he exposes a lot of awesome artists every week. He works hard to shine some extra light on street photography. Jesse is a friendly person and is always encouraging people with is lovely comments” … “With his ‘On The Other Side’ collaboration with another deviant, he goes out of his way to write amazing meaningful comments on selected deviations, which is a pretty inspiring practice, something he does, despite of having a busy life schedule!!! It is with pride that we give Jesse these wings, congratulations!!!”

bouquet of leaves by jesseboy000Smoke and Jazz (Leica 126) by jesseboy000
Leica 91 by jesseboy000Night Wander (Leica 115) by jesseboy000

Angel without Wings Award by Nameda

:iconcrgphotography: suggested by PaMonk and Sublime-Feline

“Casey is very active in the community He always promotes positive features and answers all comments. He is an upstanding deviant and ready to help anytime someone needs help.” … “He’s very friendly and warm; someone who shares a lot of love around DA!” … “He has a very good heart; always with a kind thing to say to everyone, he’s someone who knows how to nurture the community around him!!! For this reason today we happily give Casey the AWW wings!!! Congratulations!!!”

What Could Be by CRGPhotographyLost in a Dream by CRGPhotography
Life Has Twists and Turns by CRGPhotographyIf Only...If Only by CRGPhotography

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Nominations for new Angels Without Wings 
If you know any deserving deviants who meet the criteria at the top of this journal, please tell us! We are always looking for new Angels to award.

Simply Note our group :iconangels-and-gangstas: with ‘AWW Suggestion’ as the subject, along with at least 5 sentences telling us why the deviant deserves to earn their Wings. Please, one suggestion per Note only!
Please check to make sure your suggested nominee was not awarded already, you can find the list of Awarded Angels HERE 

If you do suggest, please have a look to make sure the nominees good deeds are visible for everyone visiting their pages!! Everyone needs to clearly see why the person deserves their Award.And please write at least 5 sentences why you suggest this deviant :D (Big Grin)

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This is a repost of Eve's journal: Angels Without Wings - 2016 November

Congratulation everyone! :clap: Well deserved! :heart:

This is the first contest hosted by
And here are the participants!
Congratulations, everyone! :clap:

Space Port Alari 7 by VelaniArt
The magic key by MoAChuuuttt
Heart of the Woods by MonochromaticART
The window to neverland by RavienneArt
Secret place by annemaria48
Butterfly by annemaria48
Echoes of the Mind by StarfireArizona
Desolate by VertigoEBC
Salvation by jiajenn
Surreal Aquarium by petrasrenata
Decorating my sky by CharllieeArts
Dancing the Dream.. by Secretadmires
Colors of Autumn 2016 by nudagimo
Storm the summer by 4LadyLilian
Rite by FoxyM8
Desert Door by jiajenn
Skylight by MANDEEx88
Portals by destroyer971
Looking at the night sky by nishagandhi
Wayward Night by Mettamorphosize
Everlasting Love by SuicideOmen
Self Portrait by lumpi69
X-ray day by RenatoSs
Trapped by KarmaRae
Fear containted within by TikeoDragonHades Gate by Julianez
trick or treat? by puppet-soul
end of the life Photoshop Manipulation by suprhero08
Only butterflies can by SlichoArt
Broken Dream by Olgola
The night is coming by annemaria48
the magical frame by ZedLord-Art
The magic picture by Mvicen
The Another Dimension by adrianoampb
Time To Think by vimark
Haunting Portrait by TheDreamBelow
The butterfly effect by danieloooo
Envoy by vimark
Shark by annemaria48
The World is Not Enough by SlytherclawPadawan
Welcome in the Fairyland by mrscats
Lost in the jungle by jiajennOnce in a Dream by SilentPlea
Out of Frame by Can-Cat
Hiver Perdu by Fairling
Envoy by vimark
Temptation by destroyer971
Freedom by mimzys
Lady Blue by amethystmstock
Dia de los Muertos by VanessaPadua
Le chemin du temps perdu by Aramisdream
Pain by Lora-Vysotskaya
Prayer by jiajenn
Eternity by TatianaSSabino
Snow White by silviya
Favorite red shoes by Poglazovs
Both sides by angiezinha
Mirror on the wall by Mandelblute
Coming back by annemaria48
Escape To Another World by MLArtistry
In Storage by Can-Cat
The dark woman by annemaria48
The Rabbit Hole by Cold-Tommy-Gin
In the corridors of deviantart by Mandelblute
Out of frame by RenatoSs

So many interesting entries!

Update: And the winners are...

presented here: Use my stock Contest #1 - Winners

Thank you to everyone contributing to our last open feature: The

30 Days Challenge Impressions ++

Miyeong Venelebat  UszatyArbuz xXRed-RabidXx Sayuui  Ahau2 lucytherescuedcat  SomberOrangeDreams CharlottaRose RebelRacoons LualaDy  MentalCinephile  

 is hosting again another training session, for all media.
I warmly recommend it, as it helped me very much during a past edition:

And here is the continuation to our Open Feature Invitation - Introspection

What is Introspection? A method used by all cultures and religions over time, presented here in a scientific manner:

no title by M0THart

Sunken - Wallpaper by CristianaLeone
Introspection by cameraguyyIntrospection by scarlo1788
Introspection by MonitoredApathyIntrospection by Talkingdrum
Introspection by Timberfleet
Introspection by leashullSelf Introspection by PratikshaS
Introspection by natiqIntrospection by lucismundis
Introspection by airlyIntrospection by 13thMuse
Introspection by ArtemaIntrospection by amiejo
introspection by CozyComfyCouchIntrospection by cable9tuba
.:Introspection II:. by Evility
Introspection By Alical-d7ppnyk by alicalIntrospection by dszs5298
Introspection by introvert13
Jade by wlopIntrospection by L-Art-chitecte
Introspection by SpyhopGL
Introspection by kaymanismIntrospection by ifindshelter
Introspection by Mirrorlily
In my spirit by KatZaphireGeralt Meditating by Noonapop-MrX-Cosplay
Meditation by Ekaterina-Mekachima
Co-Introspection by SekoiyaStorytellerIntroversion by MattDixon
lotte by chocuu
P - Canary Meditates by KaibuzettaAzura by Axsens
Introspection by Blue-Fayt
Inner Angel by GeneRazART
Introspection by mouvementIntrospection by Sykeye
introspection by Laratff
THE AWAKENING by Tigles1ArtistryCosta da Caparica by MentalCinephile
golden days by dS1GN
Quiet by wlop. by MWeiss-Art
Silent bond by YoshaPhotography
Arrived by I-Got-Shot
Introspection. III by nevermadeIntrospection. by nevermade
Lone Wolf by iyandejesus
Cafe Keats by Muirin007
Introspection by Seraphina-Song
Erik's Sonata by Muirin007
introspection by IrinaJoanneintrospect by believe-hope
Introspection by ivankorsario
Introspection by giladIntrospective Kaidan by ladywinde
Introspection by BeckyStonehousePearl by MichaelMagin
Introspection by RogueMarine
Introspection by bluemangoimagesIntrospection by yesternights
 Electric Introspection by offshore
Introspection by foolhoundKaleidoscope by etheraiel
Introspection by e-soulu

intrOspect by tonare
Trapped in the PresenT by MRBee30
Individual Being And The Cosmos Merge Together by CpointSpointNostalgie by Amaterasu1960
the dreaming by Ahau2I Trust In You by lemgras330
All of Me by XRlSMarilyn by sullen-skrewt
Introspection by BenHeine
Mirror of the soul by MartithSilence by GUWEIZ
Broken soul by BlackSheep90Source by Rowye

Thank you to all the contributors: 
purple-kyuuna lucytherescuedcat Cat-Mist Ahau2 UszatyArbuz Amontheblack25000 Rowye 

The next Open Feature's theme: Shading

Show us interesting artworks/tutorials with this theme :la:
(however you choose to interpret it^^)

The prompt for this week is Introspection.
Show us inspiring works with this theme!


Last week's feature was inviting you all to post a favorite personal piece, and show us other artists to whom you feel connected,
either through their artworks or through their activity.
And here is our collection! Thank you for your participation! Swingin' On a Star 

Glacial Autumn by Doringota
Steal by OffBeatReBoot
Inktober Day 28 by Sieskja
Springe - Wolf 02 by Shitani
Break Through by Nelleke
Untitled by Siobhan90
Exploring by shalizeh
THE SHEPARD: Canto 4 ~ The Towers of Feros by CharlottaRoseAurelion Sol by Nicolasaviori
Save the Rachi by CorashepardGABRIEL - by DanLuVisiArt
When She Sings, Time Stops to Listen by MentalCinephile
autumn path by Thunderi
Forest Glade by RebelRacoons
Candy and Terry - Final Story by AtsukiSeikoStand of Giraffes (Commission for Zoo Employee) by TheFriendlyElephant
Congratulations SAKURA-CHAN (updated) by Sayuui[100-002] Byeoddal by Glimja
Untitled by SomberOrangeDreamsDGM: RQ | When Alier's flustered... by ManimatsuRosa Do Deserto by seek-and-hide
Dragon Discovering a Flower by DravakiirmModerate by umunschaasfree sketch 2 miyeong by Elmont
~Let it Snow~ by YuukiCross5
For Tiffany 3  by HeyitzzshannyRe-upload by Heyitzzshanny
Fox Adopt [CLOSED] by VenelebatAlo by Enderomi
Horned devil by xXRed-RabidXxInktober 31 Witch Luala by LualaDyA Night Of Reminisce by Blues-Eyes

Walking Test by DravakiirmTileset Practice by BizmasterStudios teeny pixel jungle by laokeiKurousagi by CuriousBunny11

[ArtTrade] Darko by CyciTheConquerorGuwn by Chipmeow
Turn the Music Up by AkujiTheronFarraige (Possible name?)(Read DESC) by Venelebat
COMM :: Like the Kool Kids by ephemira
Ghost Moon by LindArtz
Venus  by GeorgeXVII
My favorite bush of chrysanthemums blossomed by Daykiney
Harvest Mouse in the raspberries by Xantosia
Adventure Time     by LindArtz
The great blue heron by UszatyArbuzChannel Hopper Lickig Ice Cream by biancaroseg
Armor Blitz Released by Rosuuri
Shelter by Rosuuri
Bubbles by lemgras330Lost My Keys by lemgras330
Boy and Kitten by Yankeestyle94
Curious Kitten by Yankeestyle94
Sharpei puppies by Ahau2
:Love Llama: by Miyeong
Victorian Nonsense, Part OneA summer's night, and in the sky were clouds so giant one could simply not resist calling them gargantuan. They loomed over the town and over my house in the town, thus that these late hours which should have been veritably a-glow with a shining moon and glistening stars saw only slivers of silver in a blotched sky.
Carried on the gusting wind which thrusted through the cracks in my windows I heard the grumbling of thunder deep within the clouds, and knew that my current endeavour - to scratch down with a fresh quill pivotal lines of dialogue in my romantic novella - would soon not only be lit by dancing candlelight but by vivid streaks of lightning.
Which, I reflected, would probably be quite startling.
It was at this point that I realised my banal thoughts and irrelevant observations of the weather meant I’d once again become distracted from the task of writing said novella, which currently felt as easy as wading through the most viscous black syrup. I popped the
Fickle Friday: I Remember EverythingLISTEN TO THE SONG

Monthly Theme/Pollinators 1/2Welcome to our "Monthly Theme!"
We celebrate "Pollinators"!
"Butterflies, Hummingbirds and Bees."
They are so essential to our food source, we not live without them! 
Thank you to everyone who contributed to this feature!



Bumblebee Sucking Nectar by KMourzenko

Everyone deserves to be featured IIIIMPORTANT
The acceptance of the poll has been so great that I can not include all the works in a single Art Feature. For this reason, there will be two parts.

Art Feature for myWatchers and Friends.

Thank you all who participated in my poll
Thank you so much!!
Now, feature time...........



Dark Charade by perzarus
ID Persona: Sirina by Sumi-Sprite  
FEATURING DEVIANTS XIIHey There Everyone! It's Loulabelle,
I am here today to revisit my 'FEATURING  DEVIANTS' series.
Since personally I feel like I don't write enough personal journals with everyone, I do feel like a lot of artists get pushed away in the shadows or deserve some more love and attention than they currently have, so I've decided to start a 'Featuring' every Sunday or week if I can in general, since personally I do feel like it'll be a good idea to help boost people up and get some more recognition for the things they deserve to be recognised for or help get them some exposure.Hey There all! I am here yet again, a little later than usual, I do hope you all like this journal for this week! Tiny Heart 

Featured From 'Newest'.
I went into deviantART's newest section and decided to pick up on some submissions I thought looked pretty appealing to the eye or even interesting in design or concept, so here

When your friend and you like the same thing by RoyalNoir
Autumn Spiral by poca2hontas
Golden Spiral by ErikShoemaker
G-Dino by Vusiuz
dgajsa tal-pass No2 by Micko-vic
Regina Vs Gourmand by DrClosure
Cherry blossoms wolf by sheeps-wing
Adagio by ArtOfElysee
Troopankhamun by neilakoga
Zodiac Contest Winners and Participants 

The Zodiac Contest hosted by


with prizes from

Sanity-Impaired  Wesley-Souza  marphilhearts  lauraypablo  Omr-Atef  Midnight-Designed  Andorada  emptymemories321 

Congratulations to the winners!
Star! First Place Star!
Strength by Orouthi

Star! Runner-up Star!
Libra by kuschelirmel

Zodiac Contest WinnersHi, everyone. Here are the results of the Zodiac contest. :D Thank you so much for all the wonderful entries! And a huge thank you also goes to those who donated prizes. You're all awesome. :meow:
:star: First Place :star:

by Orouthi
1000  points
Photomanip art request from Emerald-Depths
Traditional art prize (character bust) from Sanity-Impaired
Stock from Wesley-Souza
Premium texture/glitter pack from marphilhearts
Texture pack from Omr-Atef
Features from Emerald-DepthsperzarusWesley-SouzalauraypabloMidnight-Designed,Andorada
Llamas from perzarusemptymemories321
:star: Runner-up :star:

by kuschelirmel
A is for AutumnAnd here we go again folks. Another round of Alphabet Features!
And we start with A.  
A is for Autumn.

Wald #90 by HeikoGerlicher
Candle By Ethereal Forest by Andorada
ART ON A SUNDAY.....ART..... AND FUN!!!!!!

el viajero by kriakao
Winterland Path Stock by philippeL
Sunset on a Cold Winter Day by JocelyneR
Winter Wonderland by Joe-Maccerkar.. by MeralSariogluPostcard of Tokyo 22 by JACAC
Umbrellas by CarolynYMUmbrella Revolution by BillyNikollPurple Umbrella. by jennystokes
Overcoming Divisions by poca2hontas
Cats Of The Month - Big Cats Vol.#2Big Cats, Majestic in size and beauty.
 No matter how much we watch them, we are amazed! Captivated by the sheer power and grace of
such awesome creatures.
To the Artist's who share their passion for these great animals.
Thank You!



Day 253 of my 2016-a drawing every day resolution by shonechacko

Halloween at ThumbHub: Results!Hi everyone!
Thank you for joining us for Halloween activities during the whole day of October 31st! This journal will summarize our winners of the day :la:
The results will go in order that the event happened!

Muro Draw Challenge #1
(150 points to each winner from JenFruzz)
Hosted by Akelamoonstone

Round 1: Jack-o-Lantern
Congratulations to Leiika

Round 2: Wicked Witch

Congratulations to Andorada

Round 3: Haunted House

Congratulations to Leiika
ThumbHub's Monthly Art Challenge
(3 month Core Membership or 1,200 points from communityrelations)
Please note this prize will be distributed in the first half of December :
October feature and November promptHello! :iconlualady: for OurDreamsWillCome here!
First of all I want to tell you guys how much of a pain this journal was. Some of you, who are used to writing feature journals might know very well the "all my thumbs disapeared" bug (GG DA). So, I had to re-write several parts of this journal, because from one save to another, DA decided to delete half of my content...
But still, I am very happy to bring this to you guys <3
Our monthly feature includes:
the best of the month consisting of pieces that have been copied to the featured folder
the currently featured deviant
the best of the monthly prompt
news and articles from our members
Please note that the selection is highly subjective, though I try my best to come up with something great!
Now, let's begin!!!

The best of OCTOBER

Mature Content

center stages by ChasMandala

Many thanks for the latest llamas, comments and faves! :aww: And welcome to my new watchers!

For the next week I'd like to invite you to a new Open Feature, with the theme Introspection.

Untitled Drawing by Andorada

This feature is dedicated to everybody supporting me in my 30(31) Days challenge,

:youaremysunshine: Smileys Kisses by LOVEMAYU:youaremysunshine:

being it through references, encouragements, or comments! 


And I'd also like to invite everyone to an Open Feature! :la:

(I thought maybe it is practical to pack two journals together)
Why the 30 Day Challenge?

In the last couple of years I loved being quite active on the community level in dA, continuously inspired by the artistry of various people in all sorts of media. I would sometimes spend a fair ammount of time analysing an artwork I just encountered, and not necessarly because it got a DD or it had a lot of comments and faves. I would sometimes feel drawn to very little known artists, and kept wondering "how on Earth did they do that?" even if the image was just a sketch or a "home made" hobbist photo. It was like I always tried to place myself behind the eyes and hands of the person creating that image. If I would find a video with the drawing process, I would find myself trying to do the same movements/strokes over the image, imagining how my drawing would look like. :giggle:(I had 0 drawing experience) Needless to say how happy I was when I got a drawing tablett as a present.
The best present ever!! Anna squee Wacom Intuos Manga Icon
Last autumn I had a revelation while creating my first digital drawings. I knew I had to make time to study and draw more. However the ties to various projects in da which needed constant attention kept me delaying this. After 8 months I decided I need to do something to be able to switch off the community activities for a while, which were a good excuse not to deal with the first difficulty encountered while drawing:giggle:: getting blocked, loosing self confidence, being confused as to what style I should go for. I was also getting very discouraged by somebody who asked me: what's the point?
After I figured the answer to this question, I understood that I have to place myself under a bit a pressure I can handle, to deliver results at a given time, and win over that perfectionism/fear which did not allow me to finish anything since a long time.
So, here it is, 30 days where I was supposed to publish something every single day. I liked to learn new things with every piece, and I also explored traditional for the first time.Pencil Hug

Many thanks for your support :heart:

Special thanks to the people who jumped in commenting and faving right after the publication. A particular role played the first 5, 10/artwork - they managed to really touch me very much, as I was very nervous about the process, and this simply helped me a lot. I got to know some of you very well, and since this was for me the most difficult task to date, in da, you guys really really made an impact on me. Often I was very tired while posting them, and your kindness was priceless! I hope I will manage to return the favour somehow :hug: The same for the ones which were constantly there, no matter how good or bad the pieces were, it was obvious they want to give me support - I am very grateful for all this! And the feedback from all of you together is very valuable for my learning process :heart:
(I'd like to mention all of you, but the number of links is limited and I would not like to offend somebody by leaving them out. You know who you are, I would be happy to see you in the comment section :heart:)

And being featured was both exciting and humbling at the same time :giggle: It was very helpful, thank you! :hug: Here are some awesome collections :heart:

S9 One Atom SkyThis is a collection of art and artists on DA that help refill my spirit basin.

Click on the image to learn more about the artist and their work.
Enjoy - Jeffrey

Seceda by StevenDavisPhoto
Yum Yum Yum by Monkeystyle3000
Mr. Beaver by StevenDavisPhoto
Elk at Sunset by StevenDavisPhoto
Elk Bugle 2 by StevenDavisPhoto
Smiling Bonnie, By Felizias by Andorada
Out of Harshness Comes Strength and Life by SaraRalston
Floral Cup and Saucer by SaraRalston
Pink Accent Fushia by SaraRalston
Rose Coast by SaraRalston
Summer Puffin by SaraRalston
Horses and Tetons by StevenDavisPhoto
Hillside Turquoise Teeth by SaraRalston
The Lighted Lair by SaraRalston
Morning Fog in the Fields 1 by Nini1965
Discovered Delights, #3Our biggest mission here at :iconlove-new-artists: is to celebrate the 
infinite creativity and skill of artists from every corner of dA.  
However, some corners are a little more underappreciated than others.  In an effort to give these fantastic artists the recognition they deserve, we here at Love-New-Artists give you our new weekly features... 
Discovered Delights!
Phenomenal artwork from around deviantART
from active deviants with 100 faves or less!

Make sure to give our artists some love!

Remember flight by Layla199
Awesome Art FeatureHere is a feature for art that inspires me   Thank you so much guys for all your comments and favorites!!! ..You guys can also join and post your art in my new art group "LoveThyArtwork"-:iconlovethyartwork:   Give it to me Cute Emoticon Blushing :heartemote: :heartyfaint: :HeartGlomp: salmon heart bullet heart balloons love-love-love :flirty: :musiclove:  AA147 Art and Artists of DAThis is a collection of art and artists on DA that bring relaxation to my strained world.

Click on the image to learn more about the artist and their work.
Enjoy - Jeffrey

Autumn landscape by Urzicuta

Untitled 3 by grazapp

Yellow in cold... by Dark-Indigo

Taurus by kiwipok

Heavy Shadows and Skeleton Trees by lost-indreams

Gardenia by kiwipok

you're not angel? by grazapp

Damned by lost-indreams
Lucy's Favorites Vol. #54This work is always amazing! The colors and creativity are just wonderful! 
It never surprises us how beautiful the work is! 



Day 276 of my 2016-a drawing every day resolution by shonechacko
         Mother Peahen and chick by charfade          
Friday Features:star:
Main Showcase


More from tellywebtoons's gallery...


More from christheZfighter's gallery...

When Princesses Sleep by Amazing-ArtSong Celestia vs Nightmare Moon by Amazing-ArtSong
Luna and Celestia by Amazing-ArtSong
October Hues
Hello all! :wave: Enjoy this neat feature for the month of October :D
The Foreign Princess by niji707  How do we get down?? by SKELVAMPIRE  Age Of Discovery by mio188
Fairy Dust (SOLD) by DeathMystery    Rapunzel by ritu13
deep forest by koffinkandy   + Violet + by souhail88  
AllArtSupport is Super! Come see :)Hello friends,
:iconAllArtSupport: is now a Super Group because its founder MamoruK1N :iconstephanosb: gave me the totality of points to upgrade.
Though these few years have been difficult to those who manage groups and I said I wouldn't upgrade any of my groups, of course I'm happy to be able to organize and use more widgets in AllArtSupport.
So, thank you Stephanos :smooch:

Some of our submissions:
 Lovers by Haiburidd0 
Bedtime Story by amorphisss Paper Plane by Mellymiew 

Watchers Feature 18“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”
― Edgar Degas  ヽ(^。^)
WishingWell Weekly, Ed. 167Welcome to WishingWell Weekly!
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Hello Dear Members, Watchers, and Visitors, :wave:
WELCOME TO dAWishingWell!

HAPPY OCTOBER, by the way!!! :party:
LOTS of Really AWESOME Things Going On Here!

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September Feature and October PromptHello! :iconlualady: for OurDreamsWillCome here!
Our monthly feature includes:
the best of the month consisting of pieces that have been copied to the featured folder
the currently featured deviant
the best of the monthly prompt
news and articles from our members
Thank you Amarantheans, our founder for helping me with the litterature selections.
Please note that the selection is highly subjective, though I try my best to come up with something great!
Now, let's begin!!!

The best of september

Lucy's Favorites Vol. #53How very beautiful this work is!
It is simply glorious! 



Rainy days by Krrrokozjabrra
          Think of the seagull... by cricketumpire          Night traveler by KaritaArt
That's my spot by Thunderi
Autumn has arrivedAutumn is here and I love it
and sweetness because
I have a few spare minutes 
to bring you all a feature
Hope you like it!

my latest collecting of
beautiful Autumn deviations


Autumn Leaves by Joe-Maccer
Candle By Ethereal Forest by Andorada the autumn of a love by JoanLlado The Fire Within by Synari
The Autumn Wolf by wolf-minori South Silver Falls by fasligand 
FEATURING DEVIANTS VIIHi There Guys! All had another good week?
If not, I do wish you a wonderful next week alongside everyone else.
So today, I am going back into my Featuring Deviants! and would like to announce the opening of yesterday's set of journals too, Featuring Commissions
The journals contain commissions people are trying to spread the word about so others can access them easily. I am doing those every week alongside these journals.

Anyway... Onto the featuring!
I had a thought of trying to do some more... Featuring!
Since personally I feel like I don't write enough personal journals with everyone, I do feel like a lot of artists get pushed away in the shadows or deserve some more love and attention than they currently have, so I've decided to start a 'Featuring' every Sunday or week if I can in general, since personally I do feel like it'll be a good idea to help boost people up and get some more re
Lucy's Favorites Vol. #52Welcome to our weekly feature! 
Beautiful work everyone! 
You make us smile! 



White Tiger by Maria-Schreuders
          Tired youngster by Svenimal          Red Deer I by makangeni
The TA-Feat Vol VTraditional Art - Feature or ''The TA-Feat'' 

In the ''The TA-Feat'' journals I will feature UNDISCOVERED Traditional Artists and Art - Works .
I'm a Traditional Artist and I know how difficult is to receive/have more exposure. 
Hope you will enjoy it !




 Lily Rose by MarinaCardoso Old sanaa by Meho0oo

Sidera |Mare| OC by VanialyArt grot by art147 Miyajima's Great Torii at Sunset by MirielVinya

 Postal en Acuarelas by reniervivas666 


None of this would have been possible without the people who encouraged me to persue drawing, starting with chat event hosts :D, like Riemea and JenFruzz. These events were attended with the wish to know what is going on around here, spread the word and bring about a nice atmosphere around the community I am in touch with - I was convinced I cannot draw at all, so this was a very interesting twist of events. One of the reasons I think dA is magic! :flirty:
Along that line I have to mention GeorgeXVII who constantly finds supportive words for me, no matter what I am struggling with at a certain moment. In the lines of people teaching me wonderful things about drawing, I have to mention PetPatrol1(through ACU Academy) Astarsia Inna-Vjuzhanina barananduen fantasio AmBr0 lemgras330 and RhynWilliams :heart: I also found the discussions with TsaoShin pullingcandy and lovelessdevotions very inspiring for my process.

Last, but not least, many thanks to my lovely colleagues which took over the groups I was directly working on before: @lucytherescuedcat GeorgeXVII Mouselemur Malintra-Shadowmoon UszatyArbuz  Amarantheans and many more(MyLovelyPet TandemFeatures ProjectPortfolio AllArtandStuff DeviantsShowcase AllArtWorld), including the colleagues from Angels-And-Gangstas, especially TheGalleryOfEve WDWParksGal and SolidMars
I hope everybody got llamas and at least a fave :flirty:
You are all awesome, and this place would not be the same without you!

Emoticon drawing :painter:  Actuary fella (Works) Writing emoticon   :Living Painting: 50 colored pencils crayola (6) Icon 2-Sided 2-Colour Hexagonal Pencils Icon mid 2-Sided 2-Colour Hexagonal Pencils Icon  NovART Day 10 - Wacom Tablet Wacom Bamboo Pen / Touch Icon  I can has tablet? +plz workout (short)

Open Feature

To participate please post:


:bulletred: 1 artwork from you that you love

:bulletred: 2 artworks from two people you admire, or from whom you learned something

:bulletred: 2 artworks from two people who learned something from you

(so 5 artworks in total)

b) Which of the 30 pieces in the challenge you like the most? (mention the number)'
c) What do you think I should focus more  in the future? :flirty:

Everybody is welcome!

While I am aware how much I expose my weaknesses by posting the drawing next to the reference :giggle:, go ahead, have a blast, spot the differences in the two images (drawing vs reference):D

Drawing 1)

Thor by Andorada


Drawing 2)

Splashing joy by Andorada


Kirshinflour by rust2d

Drawing 3)

Fist bump by Andorada


Drawing 4)

Fluffy little Baby for Michelle by Andorada


Drawing / Reference 5)

Candle By Ethereal Forest by AndoradaCandle by etheraiel

Drawing 6)

Minimalism by OliviaMichalski by Andorada
Green Minimalism by OliviaMichalski by Andorada


Minimalism. by OliviaMichalski

Drawing 7)
Party time! Sweets for everyone! :D by Andorada
Made in Muro! :happybounce: for 

Drawing / Reference 8)

Hi by Andorada


Squirrel by YoshaPhotography

Drawing  9)

Happy paw  :D by Andorada


Baby Girl by SheilaBrinson

Drawing 11)

Mysterious by Andorada


Olya by zerxx

Untitled Drawing by Andorada

Drawing 12)

Playful by Andorada


Foolish by Mouselemur

Drawing 13)

Oops! Time is up! by Andorada


Drawing 14)

Timeless Beauty by Andorada


ALL OF ME..... by Tigles1Artistry

Drawing/Reference 15)

Miracles Happen, by Queen-Kitty by AndoradaMiracles Happen by Queen-Kitty

Digital/ Traditional Drawing 16&25)

I, By Dan Heffer by AndoradaDan-Heffer2 by Andorada


I by Dan-Heffer

Drawing 17), drawing with the eraser by Andorada

Reference & Guide

Drawing 18)

Acceptance by Andorada

Made for the 31 Days of Hope Challenge hosted by pogopuggie


Dorian - Stock Reference 36 by faestock

Drawing 19)

Made for the 31 Days of Hope Challenge hosted by pogopuggie

Courage by Andorada


Drawing 20)

Journey Into The Unknown, by Dragonflyandromeda by Andorada


Journey into the unknown by DragonflyAndromeda

Drawing 21)

Sleepy Bear, by Mentalcinephile by Andorada


Free Photo Bear 2 by MentalCinephile

Drawing 22)

White Rabbit by Andorada


white rabbit by dS1GN

Drawing 23)

Coffee time by Andorada


Portrait by Blair-W

Drawing 24)

I believe I can fly...! by Andorada


The link I originally had is not active anymore this is why I used this photomanipulation now.
If somebody knows the artist, I would appreciate if you let me know. If in one week I will not find out, I will delete the drawing.

Drawing / Reference:  25)

Rhyn by AndoradaPale skin by RhynWilliams

Drawing 26) - see 16)

Drawing 27)

Miha by Andorada

Reference: private photo

Drawing 28)

Smiling Bonnie, By Felizias by Andorada


Bonnie by Felizias

Drawing 29) 

Dino in the Spotlight by Andorada


Drawing 30)

Wings Of Music   Stock By Mariaamanda by Andorada


Wings of Music - Stock by MariaAmanda

On a funny note, when I first became active in dA, I thought that featuring somebody means to either create a photomanipulation or to use their work as a reference. :giggle: Here, coming back to my "roots", I am actually featuring one artist at a time! :aww: It takes much longer than putting a journal feature together, but I also get to enjoy their work for a longer period of time! :D Plus, there is a special bond which develops during the drawing process - I love it!
Hope you also find these artworks inspiring, and maybe find a couple of new faves, or new artists to watch!^^ :heart:

Contest hosted by Emerald-Depths with prizes contribution from:
Wesley-Souza  marphilhearts  Omr-Atef
 perzarus lauraypablo Midnight-Designed

The Zodiac - such a controversial topic! Almost everyone has a reaction to it: pro or contra! :D

 Such a rich source of inspiration for many artists, and so fitting for a photomanipulation contest!

 Here one combines "real" visual elements, captured by the eye in daily life, with phantasy elements summoned from the dream like nature of the human creativity.
And the best part is: it inspires the viewer further to explore that "world", or maybe think how one own's personal interpretation and representation would have been...

Congratulations to every single participant! :clap:
It looks like you all had great fun with it! :la:

Fire Dancer by MayTijssen

Libra by tiffanydark

Aquarius by Shirokibo

Aquarius by Aramisdream

In the Balance by Galapagos-Girl

My Zodiac by LaDarMoore

Zodiac: Leo by GriiSz

Lady of the Falls by MayTijssen

Zodiac night by annemaria48

zodiac aqaurius by annemaria48

Cancer by AnnMLoveArt

Gemini by FrostAlexis

Star! Community Choice Star!

Gerar by MonochromaticART
by MonochromaticART

Embrace Her Fear - Claustrophobia by MonochromaticART The Ritual: Born to Sin by MonochromaticART 13th Rose by MonochromaticART

Star! Runner-up Star!

Libra by kuschelirmel
by kuschelirmel

La Llorona by kuschelirmel Dreamwalking II by kuschelirmel Dresden Files - Leanansidhe by kuschelirmel

Star! First Place Star!

Strength by Orouthi
by Orouthi

Sleepless by Orouthi Borne From The Sea by Orouthi Always Thinking of You by Orouthi


This feature is a prize :pencillove:for participating in the Contest: Traditional Animals and People Portraits :painter:

organized by AmBr0 and his team:youaremysunshine::

Congratulations  everyone! Clap

You all did great in taking on a challenge and delivering!Pencil Hug

I love portaits and they are quite challenging to make - this contest was a great catalist for me to practice more, so thank you to every single one of the supporters of this event!


Armie Hammer - Request by ladysofhousen

Fred Astaire by PickyPepper

KAWAIII KAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!*^_^**^_^* by LastJuniorStanding

Starlit Chanyeol by LastJuniorStanding

Ian Curtis by Dollface1994

Selina by Dollface1994

Thank You For 100+ Watchers! by thoughttrainderailed
Dane DeHaan aka 'Harry Osborn' by yozze20
Dean W. by ANsDemons

Today's practice - study of the masters by THollander

Destiny by LolliponyBrony

T H I N K I N G by GeorgeXVII

Man is Beautiful by FaeryWing

Chris Squire by ReneKunertSteven Tyler by ReneKunert
[Finished] Fingerprint Portrait by Unrealistic-Dreamer

Portrait of Jane Goodall by DoratheanGGFM by KGK-92

Ip Man - Drawing by tofu0004Raining by CircleFork

Nomad by MisaelRubio

portrait by rochele10Edward Elric - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood by tofu0004new  drawing by rochele10

Her by n0lax

-FOR SALE-  Suicide Squad ~ Katana by Keith-arts02Suicide Squad ~ Joker by Keith-arts02

Loki by Silverwing5

Fearless by TokyoMoonlight

ETHNIC : Arabian woman with Niqab by HendrikHermansETHNIC : Moroccan berber by HendrikHermansColours of the Wind by ladysofhousenA portrait for the contest. by Vodogretskaya

Self-portrait by Tit-Lilou

Looking at you - Acrylic on board by THollanderDoctor Strange by kleopetra007
Portrait of Boy by Harmony1965Now go with the sunlight by H-D200HB

Bowie - tribute by Harmony1965SMALL PORTRAIT by NinettEponyme

The cold expression - Leonardo Dicaprio by Vishvesh99Untitled by Nathanielp7

Meow by rhealynnewillowsHidden Beauty by pegasuswarrior

Old Man by AkimiSakuraWhen are you going to kiss me? by pegasuswarrior

Lindsey Stirling by rhealynnewillows